Esprit Montagne
Esprit Montagne
Esprit Montagne


Once left, you will bring home with you the energy of its mountains, its colors, its infinite prairies, its simple people who live at one with nature and always ready to welcome you in their yurths.
One of the few countries still remaining wild that will gift you with a special experience: long walks dipped in an immense space, nights under endless skies, special meetings made of hospitality, curiosity and sweet smiles, meadows of a thousand shades, herds of horses everywhere, moments of laughter and sharing with fellow travelers ...
A country where the love for its own culture and its own traditions blends in with the energy of this ancient land.

Day 1:
Flight Europe Bishkek

Day 2:
Arrival Bishkek, explore the city ... Night in Guest house or Hotel

Day 3:
Departure to reach the village of Kyzyl Oy via the Tuy Ashly Pass and the Sussamyr Valley. Overnight stay in local house.

Day 4:
Transfer to Lake Song Kul and night under Yurt.

Day 5:
Departure from the Lake Song Kul – transfer to reach the village of Kok Bulak around midday. Overnight in tent - 1st Camp at 2 500mt.


Day 6:
We go up to the Kokbulak valley to reach our second camp.
Overnight in tent at 3 100 mt.
Walk 5 hours.
Altitude drop + 600 mt.

Day 7:
Great day to pass the Ton Pass (3900 mt) maybe walk on snow (1 hour) and then we keep going down into the Jiluu Suu Valley (3100 mt).
Walk between 8-9 hours.
Altitude drop + 1 000 and - 900 mt.

Day 8 – Day 9:
Sector Tosor - two days of walk to reach the lake below the Tosor Pass. Glaciers are surrounding us. Walk on trails and dirt roads.
Day 8 Walk between 5-6 h – altitude drop + 300 mt. / - 95 mt - 22 km;
Day 9 Walk of 5 hours – altitude drop + 250 mt. / - 80 mt - 14 km.

Day 10:
Tosor Barskoon.
Walk under the glaciers, the ground can be a little wet. We pass near the lake. We're losing altitude quickly to dive into the Barskoon valley. To reach it we will walk through a beautiful forest of conifers.
Average 8 hours walk - 25 km
Altitude drop: + 1 000 mt. / - 900 mt.

Day 11:
Barskoon - Durenbebe 2900 m. Transfer of 10 minutes with an organized minibus to cross the track leading back to the Kumtor gold mine (it could be done by foot but it would be a waste of time and we would walk in the dust) . So, we start our 4 hours uphill walk to reach the pass at 3760 mt. The first hour is stiff, but then the path becomes more pleasant and easy to walk. We are surrounded by glaciers and cliffs all around us. The Pass reaches the 3948 mt. high and the long valley opens itself in front of us. Therefore, we will descend to reach the plain the Juku and Dunegeretme rivers flow into. We camp on a beautiful plateau at the feet of the glaciers.
Between 8-9 hours walk - 24 km.
Altitude drop: + 1 000 mt. / - 900 mt.

Day 12:
Durenbebe - 8 hours of walk
Altitude drop: + 400 mt. / – 600 mt.

Day 13:
Darhan - Chon Kysyl Suu (weather station)
8 hours walk
Altitude drop: + 900 mt. / - 600 mt.

Day 14:
Chon Kyzyl Suu - Djety Oguz.
One last big day of walking to admire the highest peaks of the chain of Terskey. Early start to absorb the 1400 m elevation. If thealtitude drop is significant, the rise is gradual and pleasant. After three hours and a half of walk, the trail leads at to the feet of the Pass. The last 300 vertical meters are much harder. At the top of the Archa Tor Pass at 3930 mt., we can admire the stunning view on the peaks of Oguz Bashy (5100 mt) and Karakol (at 5200 mt) with their beautiful snow and steep faces. Therefore, we will descend on the Jety Oguz Valley with a little tricky start in a steep, snowy slope for the first 200 meters. We will need other three hours to reach the valley and our camp.
The camp faces the Pic Bash Oguz.
Between 8 and 9 walk - 22 km
Altitude drop: + 1 300 mt. - 1200 mt.
Camp 14: 2 600 mt.

Day 15:
Djety Oguz. Descent on to reach the heart of Djety Oguz.
3 hours of walk
Altitude drop: +500 mt.
Night in the valley or on Lake Issyk Kul (flexible of change)

Day 16:
Relaxing day on the Issyk Kul Lake with the opportunity to have a walk in the upstream canyons to take nice swim!
Night inthe same spot of the day before with tents on the Lake.

Day 17:
Transfer back to Bishkek.

Day 18:

Return flight to Europe.